Do you work with soil data and information?

We do, every day since 1966! From assessing soil profiles in the field to delivering tailored soil maps and information products for land management, we’ve found that relying on the quality-tested methods and standards available is helpful. In some areas of the “soil information workflow,” there are well-tested standards to apply and in others, innovation is continuously updating best practices.

We are constantly connecting with, learning from and providing training to our community of peers who also work with soil data and information. Connecting with our peers is one of the most enriching parts of our work, and it also improves the quality of our work. So, we want to do more of that.



Join a community of practitioners who work with soil data and information.

We invite you to join a community of practitioners who work with soil data and provide information products derived from soil data. This community is particularly geared towards people who work with soil data at a regional, national or global level.

Sign up here to stay in touch as this community grows. We will coordinate trainings, group discussions and networking opportunities for this community of soil information practitioners. We hope you join us!

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