ISRIC Spring School 2022 registration now open

15 Dec 2021

ISRIC - World Soil Information is pleased to announce our Spring School training program will be offered from May 16 to May 20, 2022 in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Registration is now open until capacity is reached.

The ISRIC Spring School is a weeklong in-person experience designed for soil and environmental scientists, graduate students, experts and professionals in natural resources management. It consists of two five-day courses (in English) that run in parallel about:

  • Hands-on Digital Soil Mapping
  • World Soils and Their Assessment

The 2022 ISRIC Spring School will be the 9th year of the program, which has been attended by 400 people from 75 countries since the training’s inception. Read below for course descriptions and visit the ISRIC Spring School page for more information.

Register for the 2022 ISRIC Spring School

Information about Spring School cost and payment


Field description of soils at the 2019 ISRIC Spring School on World Soils and Their Assessment.


About the 2022 Spring School courses:

Hands-on Digital Soil Mapping (DSM)

The aim of this course is to introduce methods and software for the management, analysis and mapping of soil type and soil properties within the R environment for statistical computing. The course alternates between lectures and computer exercises and covers a variety of subjects, such as geostatistics and machine learning for soil mapping, soil functional mapping, proximal soil sensing, quantification of uncertainty, sampling for mapping and soil map validation. After this course participants will be able to apply the methods learnt to their own datasets. Lecturers are experienced pedometricians and soil data analysis specialists. Learn more.

World Soils and Their Assessment (WSA)

This is a course on soils of the world and their assessment. It provides an introduction to soils of the world and their diversity, their main forming factors, classification (according to the World Reference Base for Soil Resources 2014, update 2015), and functions. The course includes lectures, hands-on exercises and a field excursion in the area around Wageningen. Furthermore, a full day in the programme is dedicated to soil functions and regional planning as well as soil management strategies for soil conservation and optimization of soil functions. The course makes use of the facilities of the World Soil Museum and monoliths of the World Soil Reference collection. Learn more.


Register for the 2022 ISRIC Spring School.


Special note:

Due to the measures and regulations to prevent further spreading of COVID-19 in The Netherlands, it is not certain that the 2022  edition of the ISRIC Spring School will be held on-site in Wageningen. We aim for an on-site Spring School, but in case the guidelines and regulations of the Dutch government and WUR campus prevent this,  we may need to revert to a completely online course or an on-site course with hybrid options for on-line participation.  A final decision will be taken before 1 March 2022. We will keep  Spring School registrants regularly informed about how the situation develops.

For more information about the ISRIC Spring School please visit: